At its core, DMS Corp. is a sales and marketing company dedicated to creating mutually beneficial relationships between us, consumers and our clients.

We seek to provide exceedingly high-quality sales and marketing services to both our customers and clients while simultaneously cultivating our individual employees’ potential. This unique and synergistic approach has yielded amazing results and set us apart from our competition. Our customers are the foundation of our success and we strive to provide real world value to them with the marketing services and campaigns we have developed.



Campaign Events

Through campaign events, consumers experience professional, team focused representation of a product or service. We are determined to give the best customer service and our efforts show through in the success of each event.

On-Site Events

By leveraging our network of retail vendors to host on-site promotions, we are able to directly connect with our customer base at a level simply not possible with other marketing methods.  These events have proven to be an invaluable tool for enhancing the exposure of our clients' products and driving sales.

Face to Face Marketing

DMS Inc. has established a history of success by utilizing trained experts to educate customers on the numerous benefits and dynamic features of the products we sell. We attempt to create an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm with all of our direct customer relations.